Monday, April 6, 2009

Divergence: Macao's Proposed Artworks for the 53rd Venice Biennale (MAM)


Title: On-Line

Online is a term which has become of common use nowadays. The emergence of the internet, and the more and more sophisticated phone lines brought us closer to each other. Air connections, low-costs, transnational companies and globalization in general also contributed. All these are virtual, material or imaginary lines that fade borders and link us to all kind of information, in all directions, ways and in constant exchanges. They make us become citizens of the world. There is a growing variety of media, ways of expressing ourselves and also ways of circulating beyond frontiers. Distance has softened. Families scatter in search for each element’s personal dreams. The new relationships are no longer restricted to our circle of friends, either from school or from the neighborhood we grew up in. Today we face and infinite range of possibilities. On-line represents such wide range, infinite and variable as it is, it becomes more organic, with a new shape, expressed in lines and information.

Being in one of those lines is being in all of them, connected to the world, the immense global network. Being online is belonging to the big virtual network which dresses our planet with contradictions, ideals, feelings, relations, choices, diversity, suffering, creativity, ideas, paths, life. But this knitwear is extremely complex and even in a world that still shelters so many inequalities and exclusion, everyone has their own lines, their own branches of lines, their own path of life.

Divergence isn’t only about the more or less selfish dreams of persons and families, the ambitions or disappointments when facing the same problems, but is worsened by the myth of harmonizing thought and life, while the existing net uniting men and nations is more interrupted than continuous.

And so it becomes necessary to provide a new perspective on divergence, and even to oppose to long standing ideas. The theory that today there is a smaller divergence between different people than before, only hides that this divergence presents different shapes, and is based on messages in which the media try to proclaim the idea that one which is not an equal is, therefore, opposed.

The flow network which covers our globe is ours. We are, all of us, its reproducers. We are, all, its multipliers. We are all, without exception, responsible for the dynamics of our Earth. But it is each of us that, individually, weave our own lines, or choose to take part in some and directly face their crossroads. It is each of us that, individually, feel the effects of this global knitwear in our body and understand them in our own way. That is why, for this project, I propose a look at this world dressed with my knitwear. I will weave the connection between men in their divergences, in their mutual respect and not in the grayness of a supposed equality. According to my own perspective, my life experience as a citizen of this world.

The world, of course, will not be wearing any shirt, trousers or shoes, it has its own shapes and it will have its own clothes. And this world, the one I lived, also has its unique shapes. In it, Europe and Asia, more specifically Macao and Portugal, are the spine, which will be well protected, well dressed. Even tough, they will not be isolated in their realities, as islanding them is no longer possible. They are two world territories, extremely dynamic, economically and even in a fantasy way inserted in the world, in my world.

I grew up divided between two continents. They are two contradictory and complementary piers, my inspirations in life and in art…
I grew up in Lisbon, but my school for life was Macao. I have family, friends and roots both in Portugal and in Macao. These are two places both peculiar and very intimate for me. Macao with its exuberance, mixtures and food, a mix of China and Portugal with its cobbled streets, its people, its world.

When you have two nests, in nearly opposite sides of the globe, you go through lots of things. Working with art, in touch with what happens, enabled by the artistic dynamism of both places, I was given the chance to meet other continents, to dream of meeting new places, creating various real, virtual, social and sensible relations throughout the world. It is this relation, of artistic restlessness towards the world of access, of proximity and distance to everything that connects me, that raises my awareness to cherish it through the knitwear of my life in flow lines of wool. On-line.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


In Tarot each card is linked to the same meaning and any modification of this meaning needs other cards being played. In what concerns orientation the key is given by the astral section which will define the general orientation. From all of this I decided when I start working about Tarot represent note only the card by itself but also the meaning that the different combination of cards can assume in the different astral rooms. This will represent some kind of “given information” that is anything but the visible and invisible all together linked with our personal wishes and wills that can also change the destiny shown by cards. From the relationship between the lived past and the future to discover, a vivid almost human dialogue is established. I decided to work with dolls, dolls with baby faces and bodies in their almost human expressions as a symbol of a never ended and always (re)borne mute speech. Dolls with their pure and innocent faces expressing our most deep unconscious wishes and fears. Throughout the dolls faces I established the relationship between the future life of each one melted with the “obtained information” announced by Tarot cards.


The Tower

Disruption. Conflict. Change. Sudden violent loss. Overthrow of an existing way of life. Major changes. Disruption of well worn routines. Ruin and disturbance. Dramatic upheaval. change of residence or job sometimes both at once. Widespread repercussions of actions. In the end, enlightenment and freedom.


The Sun

Contentment and happiness on attaining success. Good Health. Material happiness. Mental, physical and spiritual vitality. New inventors or inventions. Academic and particularly scientific success. Reward. Acclaim. Approval. Children. Abundance of energy. Achievement. Joy and happiness.



Even if he is no aware this letter will allow him to have access to a sphere of action still unknown. Domain and skill.


The Fool – Le Mat

Beginnings, most probably of journeys which may be possibly mental, physical or spiritual. The beginning of a new life-cycle. Energy, force, happiness and optimism. The overturning of the status quo or existing states by unexpected happenings. Innocence, naivety, and spontaneity. Important decisions to be made.



Enforcement, procedure, disagreement and debate, in accordance with the decision of third person. Apart to put an end to any doubts.


Strength or Fortitude

Courage. Self control. The virtue of Fortitude. The power of love. Control of passion against one's baser instincts. Determination. Generosity. Strength and power under control. Energy. Optimism. Generosity, resolve and reconciliation.

When I commit myself to work on the Tarot I start thinking how to give my own idea on the way I feel the possible relationships of men with the future. I choose dolls, young bodies shaped dolls because throughout the dolls faces I could establish the relationship between the future life of each one as predicted by the Tarot cards, melted with our wishes wills and fears. With my dolls faces and bodies I will (re)born the future as the young dolls seemed to be our own (re)born on our day by day life and mind.

Process description: my art works are created by using dolls and special scanning technique to create these expressions of different dolls and toys printed on fabric. Before printing I use Photoshop to manipulate the scans until my desired expression appears. The pictures are then applied to wood frames where I also paint and attach sculptures made in resin and plaster to create a 3D effect in/on the finished art works.
The sculptures coming out from the fabric underline the message in the work and are made by modeling in clay. Thereafter I create the cast in silicon and the finished model is obtained by filling the casts with resin. The sculpture is then finished by hours of hours of polishing.
The result is a 3D effect of a hand on the printed fabric that continues out of the artwork and makes the viewer doubt if this doll in reality is in or outside the universe that I have created for these human like dolls.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Monday, December 31, 2007

Melbourne - Great Wall of Books

Dearest friends & supporters of WELL,

Join the Great Wall of Books at Swanston Street Court, Federation Square from Jan 5 to 10, 2008.

Celebrate the start of the New Year with style & free-creativity in & around the giant book!!

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Best of Wishes,

Dario Vacirca,
Artistic Director


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Friday, August 24, 2007

The DOOR or The Space and Time Between You and Me

Door opened. Door closed. I knock another door that opens itself.
During our life we spend a lot of time opening, closing or going throughout doors.
In ancient Greece the door of the dead conducted by Cerberus was a symbol of darkness and the opposite to the door of the light, the door to happiness.
A new door is opened with every birth.
There're always two doors, the inside door and the outside door, protecting or separating people. The outside door opening to the outside world and the inside door opening to yourself. When the inside door is open you can see through the bars. Protected through the doors of your words, you only let the other see what you think or want to show.
According to Hi-tse, the Earth is the closed door and the Sky the open door. The opening or closing door means the rhythm of the universe.
You can see that the door is not only a hole in the wall or a lot of pieces of wood that can turn on itself. A door is always present or absent, appeal or defence, innocence or sin.
For the Alchemist or the Philosopher the door means the same thing as a key, opening to the creation.

I took the meaning of the door and I worked through it. I have created many doors that sometimes will not exactly go to what you expected.

My doors go to the sky, to the hidden and some-times are so closed that you hardly see what's behind them.

The moving sands of the video: first like steps and then becoming the houses and the noise that is current Macau. I tried to recreate an open door, which is the symbol of communication and the step from us to the other. Doors from the old days and borders that are everywhere surrounds Macau.
Every day hundreds of thousands of people come and go through the open from a closed Macau.
Between the moving sands, the base of the city, the space between two states or two worlds, between the known and the unknown, the door opens to reveal it's real nature.
Let us open the doors.

The DOOR or The Space and Time Between You and Me

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Noisy Undiscovered Taste

CREATIVE MACAU is showing NOISY UNDISCOVERED TASTE, a collection of works by Rita portugal Lima whitch include paintings with sculpting elements. The artist pushed the bounderies of her imagination whitch is manifest in the works exhibited for the public; her signature is a deliberately uncompromising and provocative imaginery. For the last exhibition she turned the degenerating facades of buildings that are so typical of Macau's older neighbor goods into beautiful canvases depicting images that we see in our everyday life, yet are so easily forgotten.
In NOISY UNDISCOVERED TASTE, the artist focuses again in projecting scenes that are common to us all, such as the food bought at the marketplace used to cook a meal: Fish, Meat, Poultry, fruits and vegetables. Rita Portugal Lima almost sculptures appearance through a mixture of paint and organic materials.

CCI (Center For Creative Industries)